May Elegant Village meet-up

Thinking about something you want to achieve but need some help?

Maybe you need more information or a specific skill or even access to a person or network to get you going in the right direction. Is there something you don’t have but someone else might be able to offer?

Now, imagine if a room full of people who all wanted to help you.

You are invited to join Elegant Village: a networking event with purpose – an event where everyone leaves one step closer to their goal.

When: 24 May 2017
Time: 6pm -7:30pm
Where: Level 17, CBD Business School Campus

Friends and colleagues are welcome and snack and drinks will be provided.

Register today via Elegant Village on Eventbrite

Feedback from past events:
“Elegant Village was the most purposeful networking session I have ever been to!”
“I love it, and can’t wait to do it again, and invite some others”
“Immediate practical benefits”
“I’m actually getting my problem solved!”
“Surprised by how many offers I received.”
Outcomes from past events: 
  • Average of 5-7 offers of help received per person
  • One job interview and two invitations to apply for positions
  • Election to a position on a board of Directors
  • New housemate