Help us find sponsors for the 2017 eMBAssy Ball

Our Events Director Zoe Morrison has found us an amazing waterside venue and negotiated a great deal, and now we’re looking for corporate sponsors to make it happen!

We need to raise $16 000 by Friday 4 August to be able to offer tickets to students at around $150 per head (there will be limited early bird tickets!).

Would your employer like access to amazing talent at a prestigious event?

Branding rights are also available at various sponsor levels.

Without sponsorship we’re looking at around $250 per ticket so flex those elegant currencies in funding today!

Please contact eMBAssy’s treasurer, Therese Juda –  therese.juda@gmail or 0402116377 – to discuss what we can offer your company.

eMBAssy wants to hear from you!

As part of our program, we are taught that feedback is key to good leadership and development, and as part of eMBAssy’s commitment to enhancing the student experience in the MBA program, we would like to hear from you, the students and alumni, about the units of study that you’ve taken so far.

As the Sydney MBA program continues to grow and develop, knowing what students, both past and present, want is critical to the design and improvement of the classes offered and the program overall.

With this in mind, eMBAssy has designed a short survey to dive a little deeper than the usual survey requested by the Business School. The aim of the survey isn’t just to know what you think, but it will also help us pass on information such as best units to take together or possible pathways through the program.

The survey is anonymous so that you can answer it as honestly as possible.

Once we have all the data from the survey, and enough people are interested, eMBAssy would like host a couple of focus groups to discuss what improvements could be made to the key units of study highlighted. Please contact eMBAssy experience to register your interest in joining a focus group.

The information from the both the initial survey and the focus groups will be made available to the MBA program team in the Business School.

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact eMBAssy experience.

This survey will close at 11pm on Friday 26 May.

Notice of an eMBAssy Ordinary Meeting

Ordinary meetings are an opportunity for all students and alumni to come along and receive updates from eMBAssy portfolios and ask questions of the eMBAssy board.

The first ordinary meeting will be held 6pm Tuesday 23 May in the Boardoom in the CBD campus.

Any member can add an item to the agenda, as long as it aligns with the vision of eMBAssy.

If you have any items that you wish to raise, please email Richard Mayo by 5pm Tuesday 16 May. The agenda and any associated papers will be circulated three days prior to the meeting.

Meeting agenda is here:

eMBAssy ordinary meeting agenda

eMBAssy is looking forward to hosting our first monthly ordinary meeting for members.

Agenda is, as follows:

  1. eMBAssy Board Update
  2. Constitution refresh
  3. C8 and new LP&D format
  4. Other business

If you have any questions or items for the agenda, please email Richard Mayo.

eMBAssy ordinary meeting
6pm Tuesday 28 March in Lecture Room 3

eMBAssy welcomes C8

eMBAssy welcomed Cohort 8 last Friday 10 March with pizza and drinks on the first evening of LP&D.

The new cohort were understandably exhausted after their first full day of leadership skills from the unit’s new facilitators, Jane Lowther and Michael Cavanagh. They weren’t too tired to enjoy getting to know each and eMBAssy over a couple of slices of pizza and a drink.

Big shout out to Ben Tham (Careers & Corporate Relations Manager, MBA Programs), Zoe Morrison, eMBAssy Director (MBA Experience),  Thommy Arena, eMBAssy Director (Alumni) and campus staff for helping out.